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Donate your car & fund the mission and cause of a local nonprofit

Do some good and get a tax write-off at the same time!


How does donating a car work?


Once you've submitted our form, we'll pick up your car


When we have your car, we'll handle all the necessary repairs


We'll take care of all the DMV paperwork


After it's sold, we'll send you a 1098-c form!

Why you should donate to Mission Cars

Donating your car to Mission Cars will directly fund charitable causes that support rehabilitation for injured animals, service dogs for veterans and first responders, and free medical and dental services for uninsured patients (to name a few).


Besides making an impact on a local nonprofit, you'll also be able to claim your car donation on your taxes! Donors can deduct the final selling price; we'll provide you with the final selling price through a written acknowledgment or 1098-C form.


Your car donation will make a difference, you claim the deduction, and everybody wins!

Reap the benefits of donating your car


Claim your generous donation on your taxes!


Support an important cause and nonprofit


Feel good about giving & making a difference!

Giving can leave you feeling happy and feeling good! You can feel proud knowing that you helped a nonprofit save an animal or provided free dental care to a patient. Ready to donate your car? Click here.

Choose your impact


Take your donation to another level by giving to a cause you're passionate about and donate your car to the charity you love!


We are dedicated to supporting efforts that provide life-saving services within San Luis Obispo County.

Browse our nonprofit partners

Have any questions? We'd love to hear from you!

173 Buckley Rd,

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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