Community Impact

We partner with local nonprofits and businesses to improve our outreach. By building this network, we are able to provide a needed service to San Luis Obispo County.

Veteran And Service Dog
First Responder and Service Dog
Inmate Handler
Inmate Handlers
Future service dogs
Veteran And Service Dog
First Responder and Service Dog
Inmate Handler
Inmate Handlers
Future service dogs
Community Partners

When you refer a vehicle to us, 50% of the net proceeds are given to your agency and the other 50% goes to our service dog program. We pick up the vehicle, inspect it, fix it, sell it, and handle all the paperwork. If you are interested in joining our network of community partners, please fill out our partner application.

Below is a list of local agencies we are proud to partner with to help raise funds for our community.

New Life K9S

New Life K9s provides service dogs for veterans and first responders with PTSD at no cost. Our mission statement is saving lives through the healing power of the human-canine bond. Service dogs provide a unique set of skills along with constant support and companionship others cannot. We are supporting the fight against PTSD and as a result, helping to reduce suicide risk. 


New Life K9s partners with three state prisons where inmates teach future service dogs. The recidivism rate for inmate handlers in our program is 0%.

We are proud to partner with the following agencies in San Luis Obispo.

United Way of San Luis Obispo
United Way advances the common good. Our focus is on education, income, and health – the building blocks for a good quality of life. United Way recruits people and organizations who bring the passion, expertise, and resources needed to get things done. We invite you to be a part of the change. You can give, you can advocate and you can volunteer. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.
Transitions-Mental Health Association (TMHA)
Transitions-Mental Health Association is dedicated to eliminating stigma and promoting recovery and wellness for people with mental illness through work, housing, community and family support services.
E.C.H.O. (El Camino Homeless Organization)
ECHO is a 50-bed transitional shelter helping families and individuals find permanent housing within three months of entering ECHO. ECHO provides case management services to the homeless, helping them create an action plan, live with new behaviors, find a job, and locate a permanent home.
Meals That Connect (Senior Nutrition Program, San Luis Obispo)
Our meals don’t just provide the necessary nutrition to the seniors in our county. They provide a community. Meals That Connect serves free nutritious noontime meals every weekday to 1,800 seniors throughout San Luis Obispo. Seniors gather together at dining rooms throughout the county to eat together, share stories, and build friendships. For those who are unable to leave their homes, volunteers personally deliver meals, using those visits as opportunities to check in on the seniors.
Strand Strong (Women's' Shelter Program of SLO County)
The Women’s Shelter Program is committed to recognizing and responding to our community’s need for comprehensive multicultural domestic violence and child abuse services. We understand that domestic violence and child abuse, in their fullest scope, impact primary victims, family members, society, and future generations. With this in mind, it is our goal to stop the cycle of violence by providing crisis intervention, emergency shelter, advocacy, treatment, prevention, and education.
Earth Genius
We live in an area of agricultural abundance, yet there are many people in SLO County that go hungry. We believe in simple solutions such as harvesting extra produce and getting it to our neighbors in need.
Glean SLO
We live in an area of agricultural abundance, yet there are many people in SLO County that go hungry. We believe in simple solutions such as harvesting extra produce and getting it to our neighbors in need.
Peoples' Self-Help Housing
At PSHH, achieving success means to constantly search for and find new and creative solutions to address the ever-growing need for more affordable housing and supportive services.
LifeLine has been serving the Central Coast since 1988.  Our Mission Statement: The ministry of LifeLine is to share the love of Jesus with women and men facing crisis pregnancies, offer real and tangible support for alternatives to abortion, teach abstinence-based health education, and provide Biblical mentoring to those seeking Christ’s healing and restoration from past abortions.
Lifewater International

Clean and safe drinking water is what we commonly think of to solve a community’s disease problem. In reality, if we were able to provide clean and safe drinking water to every person on earth, the global water-borne disease burden would only be reduced by 21%. The same decrease would happen if every person on earth had access to a basic toilet facility. The power of clean and safe water is truly unleashed when it is combined with adequate sanitation and hygiene practices.

Lifewater has developed a missional approach to meet these urgent needs. We call this approach mWASH, which combines the best in water access, sanitation and hygiene. When combined, these elements are able to reduce the incidence of water-borne disease by at least 65% (source).

Senior Volunteer Services (SVS)
SVS designs, coordinates and manages programs that link senior volunteers with organizations needing volunteers in San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties.
Cities Homeless Coalition
At 5CHC, we work hard to service families and individuals by providing the resources, support and hope that they need to become self-sufficient, productive community members. Planning how best to address the needs of the homeless in South San Luis Obispo County today involves many caring citizens and community leaders, and we are taking a collaborative approach to meet the challenge.
SLO Noor Foundation
At the SLO Noor Foundation, we understand the obstacles and challenges the uninsured face in our community when trying to receive the non-emergent care they need. The Foundation works to mitigate the effect on our community of the growing number of uninsured adults residing in our neighborhoods, the increasing risk of poor health conditions impacted by the lack of insurance, and the prevalence of the low-income and homeless in need of medical care.

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We accept donated vehicles, fix them, then sell them to benefit local causes.


New Life K9s trains inmates to teach service dog for first responders and veterans with PTSD.